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How to clean your mouse pad

Hello everyone! It’s the weekend again, and it’s time to give the mouse pad next to our computer a thorough cleaning!

As a professional gamer, I deal with my big gaming mouse pad every day. Over time, I suddenly found that my mouse pad was sliding around on the mouse pad, which was not very accurate. It dawned on me that maybe my mouse pad was too dirty. The mouse pad in the picture is one I use frequently. Did you notice the slight black stain on the edge? That’s caused by daily use. The sebum and sweat transferred from hand contact with the mouse pad mix with dust and accumulate at the edges. If you are like me and your mouse is very dirty, don’t worry!

Today, let me share with you how to clean your computer mat quickly and effectively to make it look like new again. In this blog, I will teach you how to thoroughly clean your mouse pad using common household detergents. The steps are simple and anyone can easily do it. As long as you patiently follow the simple and effective mouse cleaning tips I share step by step, you will find that the originally dirty desk mousepad will become as fresh as new, completely like the new purchase.

Is it OK to wash a mousepad?

First of all, let us be clear – the mouse pad is washable, but I do not recommend using a washing machine to clean the mouse pad. Why? Because most gaming desk pads are made of composite materials, with a fabric or textile surface and a rubber base layer. This combination of materials is more fragile than a crispy duck in the washing machine! Secondly, strong water flow impact is also likely to damage the rubber layer at the bottom of the gaming desk mats, and may even block the pipe or filter. What’s even worse is that the washing machine’s washing method cannot gently wipe the surface, and it is difficult to completely remove stains on the edges of the mouse pad. Finally, the space and water capacity of the washing machine are limited, and detergent Residues are likely to cause allergies and other problems.

Of course, because there are many gaming mat for desk made of different materials on the market, I think their cleaning methods are also different. Therefore, in this blog, I especially carry out different cleaning steps for mouse pads of different materials. Please continue reading on how to clean mouse pads of different materials.

What cleaning supplies do I need to clean my dirty mousepad?

Microfiber cloth or towel the dirt.

Warm water or dish soap

Soft-bristled brush

Hair dryer – use it to dry the mouse pad after wiping it clean, leaving no water stains.

Bactericide – If the mouse pad is very dirty, you can spray this to kill bacteria and make it cleaner.

Steps to clean your mouse pad

First, you need to determine the material composition of the mouse pad. Cloth mouse pads require more careful cleaning, while rubber or plastic surfaces can be easily and quickly wiped clean. After understanding the material, use hot water, dish soap, soft brush, microfiber cloth, and other tools to prepare for cleaning.

If you buy our common rubber or plastic mouse pad, I usually wipe the surface with a slightly damp soft cloth and then wipe it evenly. You’ll want to scrub every corner carefully during this process to make sure you don’t miss any stains. In addition, during my many tests, if we apply some isopropyl alcohol on the cloth to help us better remove stubborn stains during the cleaning process, believe me, you will see magical results.

But for cloth or tissue pore pads, it may take more effort to remove hand oil. I suggest adding a small amount of dishwashing detergent to the armpit solution with warm water and then using a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently apply it on the body, focusing on cleaning the stains on the edges, but be careful not to scrub too hard to damage clothing. Brush repeatedly until clean, and finally rinse with water.

Now, fabric and cloth mousepads require a bit more care to lift away built-up dirt, skin oils, and those annoying edge stains. My favorite trick is to whip up a solution of warm water and a splash of dish soap. Dip a soft toothbrush in and gently scrub the pad, concentrating on the edges. The soap will cut through the grime, and the toothbrush bristles will lift it away without damaging the fabric. Rinse clean and let air dry.

You can also use a barely damp microfiber cloth and rub it in small circles. I like to add a spritz of 90% isopropyl alcohol to tackle lingering dust and stickiness.

Okay, friends, this is the end of our cleaning of the mouse pad! Yes, it is such a simple step. I now spend some time cleaning my mouse pad every week. Believe me, a clean full desk mousepad will make your entire workspace feel more comfortable. When you’re no longer bothered by dirt, you can focus more on the job in front of you.

But if after you clean the mouse pad, the mouse cursor still doesn’t move smoothly, don’t worry, you can consider replacing it with a new one.

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