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Thoughts on Terri

Terri is entering her 12th day without food or water, and is still alive. This is a testment to an incredible will to live -- claims to the contrary aside.

It's also proof, to those who are thinking, that she was not on life support beyond the feeding tube.

She is breathing and functioning on her own, even twelve days into her execution by privation.

If she had still been on other life support -- as some continue to insist, she would already have expired.

I still maintain that brain function aside, the death she is being subjected to is cruel and wrong.

There is no consensus in terms of her brain function. Some say she has no higher function at all. Others insist that she does. I would have preferred error on the side of mercy.

I also believe that whereas the letter of the law has been observed in this case, the spirit of justice has been gravely wounded.

I am pleased to see that there will be an autopsy. Some questions may be answered. I hate the fact that it's even necessary.

DeLay and Schiavo = no parallel. Sen. DeLay's father was hooked to respirators. His body couldn't maintain metabolism without them. His kidneys had shut down. Terri, on the other hand, was in perfect health until the courts ordered her starvation unto death. All she needed was the g-tube for liquids and for nutrition. Arguments exist that with proper rehabilitation, she wouldn't even have needed that.

I am still enraged that anyone could be treated in this manner. It is wrong. It is abusive. It is inhumane. It is barbaric.

My protests are logged. Every legislator I can think of has received missives from me to that effect. This blog has served as a further outlet for my outrage.

I shall continue to fight even after poor Terri is gone. I shall fight to overhaul the legal system. I shall fight to make sure that laws are in place to protect the voiceless disabled. I shall fight to make sure that EXPLICIT directives rather than hearsay testimony are honored.

I'll fight to make sure that the inherent rights bestowed upon the living by Nature and Nature's God are upheld.