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Talking Her to Death

Well, the 11th Circuit of Appeals voted 2-1 to continue killing Terri. Her feeding tube is still withheld. Judge Greer ordered that she cannot receive any sustenance per os (by mouth), so yes; she's being starved to death while American judges worry less about integrity than they do questionable rules of law.

What needs to happen is the reinsertion of the feeding tube while a new investigation probes her abilities and the assertations of wrongdoing surrounding this case.

Congress needs to grow a pair and back up their subpoenas with arrests for Greer, Michael Schiavo, and George Felos for contempt and for impeding a Congressional investigation. (YES, children, they DO have the right to do that.) Terri Schiavo needs to be taken into Federal protective custody, and her life preserved while the three men listed above answer some very hard questions.

I call for probing of their finances, their relationship, and the interleaving thereof through sundry peripheral individuals. I want Terri reassessed, and I want to see more than one inconclusive slice of CT scan. I know just enough -- and Code Blue Blog seems to agree (with an excellent analysis, IMO) -- to recognize that Terri's brain is anything BUT liquified. Following my father-in-law's stroke, I learned that CT scans are imprecise and scarcely considered conclusive by responsible medical professionals. I want this woman to receive an MRI. I want NEW doctors -- previously uninvolved doctors -- brought in who will assess her condition free of the politics of her case, and free from pressure from Right-to-Death and Right-to-Life groups.

I call for the American people to rise up with one voice, declaring this outrage for the premeditated homicide it is. I call upon the Representatives of the We the People of these United States to do the bidding of the majority and save the life of Teresa Schindler-Schiavo in order to answer these questions.

Family matters are not private when we see abuse occurring in broad daylight. I would get involved at the sight of a man abusing his girlfriend in public. I get involved when someone is trying to commit rape or murder. My deepest heart and sense of justice tells me that I am right to be involved in writing about and supporting Terri and her parents -- every instinct I possess screams that homicide is occurring before my very eyes.

Terri Schiavo has been supported by the Medicare/Medicaid system. Those are my dollars, and yours. The moment that her care began to be funded in this manner, We the People gained the right to ask hard questions about the care -- or lack thereof -- that she has received.

Let there be an accounting. Let it begin immediately.

And if lawyers and judges allow her to die without her day in Federal court, then let us act to make sure that the defenseless are never again murdered -- yes, MURDERED -- by runaway judicial processes. Let us continue to fight to enact laws that will protect the lives of people who HAVE NOT prepared EXPLICIT and WRITTEN directives for their medical care. Let us fight for the Rights given us all by Nature's God: LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.