Authentic thoughts

You're just another part of this big pie called World

Different Points of Reference

I was outside just a little while ago, having a smoke. (Yes, yes; I've taken the filthy habit back up. No, I won't apologize for it.)

There were three of us sitting at a table, discussing what we'd each do if we won the Powerball drawing. Mind you, I was already aware of the political affiliations of these people, but the conversation really highlighted the different mindsets between people on the Right or Left.

Me: "It would be cool if I could win the lottery, because then S. and I could be completely out of debt. We would pay off my car and the house. Then, we'd sell the house and just put the cash down on something in a little better shape; like one of those places that just went up on the far south end of town. We'd have next to no house payment, and no debt, so we could both take jobs we'd enjoy, write, and home school The Miss. We'd take care of our folks -- mine have no retirement, so it would be nice to make sure that they don't have to worry. I think I'd splurge by buying S. a new vehicle, and add a few new firearms to the collection. Then we might travel a little. We've always wanted to see the UK. S. would love to see Taiwan. But after that...what do you do with all those millions? You could live comfortably on just the interest. I'd make sure that our daughter's future is taken care of, and then we'd donate the rest to charities."

The other Righty: "I know what you mean about not being able to spend it all. I'm with you -- I don't need much of a house, now that the kids are all grown and gone. I'd help my kids pay off their student loans, and help them get on their feet, and I'd sure see to my folks, too. I'd buy my wife a new car -- she's been driving the same one for the last six or seven years. I have one son who would probably become a professional student, except I don't want my boys to become Trustafarians. It'd be nice to pay off all my debt. We'd do that for sure. I don't care much about travel, myself. I saw it all when I was in the military. I think we'd just give the bulk of it away."

Lefty: "You guys are nuts. I'd spend one or two million on a house, and then I'd buy a new Jaguar every year. I'd travel the world and buy all my clothes in Paris or Italy. I'd buy vacation houses all over, and travel in style. I'd take a private jet to Europe for lunch, or fly to Japan for the weekend. I'd hit Vegas all the time. That would be cool."

Me: "What else would you do with that kind of money?"

Lefty: "Whatever the hell I want. It would be my money."

Me: "Would you assist charity in any way?"

Lefty: "Maybe a few thousand dollars. Mostly, I'd just want to have fun."

That was the conversation. Draw your own conclusions.