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Action Items this Morning

I know I'm not the only person beating their head against the monitor this morning.

The US Senate did the right thing, yesterday, but they passed a different bill. That means that their version has to go back to the US House of Representatives, and that the House has to make the wording of their bill match that of the Senate.

Additionally, in a preliminary vote, the Florida Senate failed to pass the bill that the Florida House voted favorably on.

As I type this, it is 11:05 a.m., Eastern Time. There are less than two hours to act before Judge Greer's orders are carried out.

Three Years, Today

Three years today, my love.

It rained that day, as it rains now. We took our vows on the Mountain, in the sacred circle, with those we loved best nearby. "Flesh of my flesh/Bone of my bone/I here, thou there/And both as One, forever."

I took sprigs of rosemary from my bouquet, and tossed them as offering to the spirits who presided.

Nine months later, I told you that I carried your child under my heart. Nine months after that, you were there when they pulled her from my womb, and you were the one who held her first. Eighteen months later, and the Wheel has turned yet again to this, our anniversary.

You are my rock, my shield, my lover and my priest. You are my best friend, and everything I want, everything I need, is manifest in you.

I love you.

PSA: Yield to Emergency Vehicles

I'm frankly shocked to be in position where I feel that I must post this entry on

My husband was just coming down from one of the reserviors in our area. There was a huge accident up there a short time ago. Three ambulances, six fire trucks, and a slew of police vehicles were on the scene. My husband pulled off onto a shoulder of a blind s-curve in the road as a fire truck blazed toward the scene of the accident, and saw two bicyclists coming down the curve, in the middle of the road. His window rolled down, he called, "Get off the road! Here comes an emergency vehicle!"

Their response?

"Fuck you!"

He was horrified at their display of defiant unconcern for others, and watched the fire truck swerve wide to miss them, almost resulting in another accident wherein they missed the side of his truck by about a foot.

Further down the road, he pulled off as a police car raced up the canyon. A car was in the intersection, and paused in the mddle of the road when they saw the police car come. The officer must have been doing fifty, my husband reports. Agape, he watched as the car began to make its left turn in the path of the oncoming police car, making the officer have to slam on his brakes so hard that the rear end of the car threatened to break loose.

Seconds count. Emergency response personnel don't pour on the speed for fun. They do it because someone is seriously hurt.

When you see emergency vehicles, have enough human decency to get off the road. I don't care whether you are in your car or on a bicycle. You do not have exclusive rights to the road. Yield to emergency vehicles.


My parents still live in Texas. Yesterday afternoon, their place was broken into. The thieves took the televisions, several of my father's firearms, his Nikon camera with all accessories from, and several other miscellaneous things. The neighbors were away for the most part. One gentleman, whose house is to the back and side of my parents', says that he heard hammering, but since Dad does a lot of construction, he didn't think anything of it. To quote my mom, "They're thinking about it now!"

Keep in mind, however, that my father is both a veteran and a gunsmith. He has tools stashed in places that most people would never think to look. So fortunately, he isn't completely defanged. Also being an intelligent human being who believes in planning for the worst so you're delighted when the best occurs, he had a complete list of his firearms' serial numbers. The police are distributing the data to gun stores and pawn shops in the area so if anyone tries to pass them off, they come up flagged.

The sons of bitches who did this need to pay. I'm too far away to do much, but I just did something that might help ensure that their fate wings more quickly to their hearths. Between that and the efforts of the police, joined with the vigilance of shopkeepers in Central Texas, I'm feeling hopeful that my Dad might get a few of the guns back. (If anyone wants to write something discouraging about them getting seized/impounded, or never showing up -- just save it. I don't want to hear it, and I sure as hell am not interested in defeatism. Good things do happen by a mix of focused visualization and focused live sex chat action.)

The thieves are fucked. Don't mess with my family.

Chief Wiggles needs our help

Tabarak Kasim Mouhamed is nine months old, and is suffering with a cancer that is easily and successfully treated in the United States. All avenues of care have been exhausted in Iraq. The severe and spreading angiomas on her face and neck will likely result in starvation or asphyxiation if the cancer is allowed to progress. Doctors believe that with the speed at which the cancer is spreading, she may have only one or two more months if she is left untreated.

In the US, she has an excellent chance of highly successful therapy through the use of steriods, laser therapy and/or surgery.

However, her family is very poor, and the Chief needs help from people like us, who can donate money to help offset her medical expenses, pediatricians and plastic surgeons to perform the surgeries, a children's hospital to provide services and care, and a visa that will allow her to travel to the USA among other things.

Please help.

UPDATE: 9/13/04 I just checked The Chief's blog this morning for news, and help is on the way. There's still a lot to do: donations are still needed; she needs a visa; flight schedules need to be arranged, and so on. Nevertheless, let's take a moment to say a prayer for Dr. Marcelo Hochman of The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation, who has volunteered to handle of Tabarak's treatment. Here's to that little girl's good health, and here's to Dr. Hochman for stepping forward.

Thank you, doctor.

Theresa Marie Schindler

Terri Schiavo died this morning around 9:05 a.m., Schindler family attorney, David Gibbs reported.

Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to Terri's parents and family. Her father, mother, brother and sister are in our thoughts and prayers. News reports say that her family was denied access to her in her final moments. Nevertheless, it is our hope that perhaps in time, her loved ones can take some comfort in the thought that she is forever beyond the reach of harm now.

Civilization Calls will not update for several days as a token of the grief we feel for this tragedy. Comments will be disabled. I hope that my regular readers will join me in a moment of silence for Terri and for the Schindlers.

They who have gone ahead are not lost.